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We are very pleased to announce that beginning Monday morning at 8:30 we will have a full slate of services available on-line through the Zoom virtual service. Just click on the images and and join our services.


Morning Minyan on Monday through Friday mornings will be at 8:30 am. GO LIVE >>

Minchah and Maariv services beginning at 6 pm. GO LIVE >>

Friday night Shabbat services will be at 6:30 pm. GO LIVE >>

Saturday morning services will begin at 10 am. GO LIVE >>


We had a trial run on Friday with positive results. I can say with 100% confidence that it was a wonderful, spiritual and imperfect exercise. I encourage you to join us if you can. I also welcome all suggestions. This is all a work in process, and I am certain that this endeavor will be improved over time.  

These services are only possible as a result of the extraordinary efforts of Rabbi Wernick, Cantor Kidron, Eli Navon, Sherry Fyman and others. It is a true privilege to be associated with this group, and on behalf of the congregation, I extend my greatest possible appreciation and thanks.

As a reminder, Rabbi Wernick can be reached at any time by email at ewernick18@gmail.com, by phone at home at 212.679.1837 and on his cell at 215.990.1545. I can be reached at any time at kadelsberg@me.com and on my cell at 917.863.5478.

 Ken Adelsberg, President


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