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Learning Links

New York City provides a wealth of opportunities for ongoing Jewish learning.  Consider taking a course or attending a lecture:

And check out these online resources:

  • Jewish Week –News about Jewish NYC
  • The Forward – The national American Jewish newspaper – in English or Yiddish
  • Haaretz – Considered by many to be Israel’s New York Times
  • Ynetnews.com – The Post to Israel’s Times
  • Tablet – Well respected online Jewish magazine
  • Jewcy - A platform for ideas that matter to young Jews today.
  • Mechon Mamre – The original source for free Jewish texts on the web
  • Ritualwell – Innovative ritual ideas – for your celebration or time of struggle – from the students at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
  • HebCal - Interactive calendar wtih Torah portions, candle lighting times, Holidays, Yarzheit date converter and more.
  • Sepharia - A living library of Jewish texts.

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