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Information About Conversion

We are glad that you have decided to visit our website and explore conversion to Judaism, and the possibility of joining the Jewish people in our historic covenant and conversation with the Divine.

There are so many reasons you may be considering conversion to Judaism. Perhaps you are seeking sacred meaning in your life and have found that Judaism speaks to your need for spiritual connection and community. Often, an interreligious marriage will spark curiosity and a desire in the non-Jewish partners to share the religion of their spouse. Similarly, when an interfaith couple decides to raise a child, the non-Jew may initially decide to explore Judaism in order to seek a common religious grounding for the family.

No matter what has led you to this place, we are excited to help play a part in guiding you through this exploration.

Although many people begin a Jewish journey toward conversion, not everyone completes the process. conversion to Judaism is a serious and challenging process. It requires hard work and study, true curiosity, openness to changing the patterns of life you may be most used to, and, of course, the ability to sever one’s ties to any past religion. The best way to determine if you really want to become Jewish is to learn as much as possible about Judaism (its theology, rituals, history, culture and customs) and begin practicing those aspects that most appeal to you – and also those that you find most challenging.

Seek out friends, family members or a synagogue community – like ours or one of the other dozens of amazing houses of worship in NYC – for support. Read, read, and read some more. Our web links are a good place to begin exploring, and we highly recommend Anita Diamant’s superb book on conversion, Choosing a Jewish Life. Finally, feel free to be in touch with our synagogue office to set up a meeting with our rabbi to learn more about what the conversion process would look like under his mentorship.

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