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Giving Opportunities

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Or Olam is delighted to receive donations to any of our funds, and gifts in honor or in memory of someone else.  All money raised is directed to the many programs and offerings that add depth and dimension to our congregational life, of which we are so proud.


General Fund

Our Synagogue offers a General Fund that supports our general operating budget, and a variety of targeted funds allowing you to designate your contributions to a specific area. Together, we can continue to maintain and build our exceptional variety of daily and special event programs, create innovative new projects and initiatives, and plan for tomorrow so that generations to come may experience all that Or Olam has to offer. 

There are specific funds which direct your gift to a particular purpose:

Building Fund

This fund is used for the general repair, maintenance and upkeep of the synagogue building and its equipment.

Cantor's Music Fund

Donations to this fund support the musical vision of Or Olam by providing the necessary and additional funds to enhance our Jewish musical experience.

Program Fund

This fund helps defray the cost (including advertising and promotion) of the synagogue's programming.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund

Donations to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund are used by the Rabbi for charitable purposes consistent with the synagogue's tax exempt purposes, to assist individual, educational and communal needs in a confidential manner, or which could bring a benefit unable to be met through other means.


Tree of Life

Joyous moments – anniversaries, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, engagements, etc. – may be commemorated by purchasing a leaf or cornerstone for our Tree of Life located in our social hall. Leaves: $125 (up to 70 characters).  Cornerstones: $1000

Memorial Plaques may be purchased for $600.

Prayer Books Bibles/Chumashim

Both celebrations and memorial dedications are customarily marked by donating Prayer Books and Chumashim.  Please contact our office at 212-752-1200 or fill out the form below for the exact wording you would like used in your bookplate
Prayer Books: $54. Bibles: $200.

Torah Scrolls and Other Ritual Items

If you are interested in dedicating another ritual object – such as a Torah Scroll, Torah mantle, silver breastplate, reading table cover or another other large item to mark a major moment of celebration or loss of a loved one – please be in touch with our office for an updated list of items we are in need of.


We are in the midst of a top-to-bottom renovation of our synagogue building. We have replaced the roof, rebuilt the fire escapes and reconditioned the exterior of the building and recently completed the first stage of a renovation of our sanctuary. Still to come are the completion of the sanctuary renovations and renovation of our Social Hall. Click here for more information.

If you would prefer to make your contribution by phone or mail, please contact Mary Boyle in our office  at 212-752-1200. You may, of course, mail a check at any time. Don't forget to include your current phone number with the check, in case there is a need to contact you.

Checks may be made payable to "Or Olam" and mailed to:

Or Olam - The East 55th Street Synagogue
308 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022

Many thanks for your generous support of our beloved synagogue!

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