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Sponsor An Event or Meeting

 Full Kiddush (up to 60 people). $600.00 member/$750.00 non-member.
 Each additional 25 people $250.00.
 Shared Kiddush. Members only. $850.00 total/$425.00 each.
 Floral Arrangements. $150.00 for two matching arrangements.
 Floral Arrangements for Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur. $250.00 for two matching arrangements.
 Use of Social Hall with outside Caterer. Weekdays and Saturday evenings, $300.00 member/$450.00 non-member. Sundays, $450.00 member/$600.00 non-member.
 Use of Sanctuary with Social Hall. $250.00 additional.
 Meetings. $600.00.


Event fees include the services of one custodian for set up and clean up.


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