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Capital Campaign

A New Home for a New Century
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We are excited to undertake a top-to-bottom renovation of our historic building, providing our clergy, members and guests with a wonderful worship environment as we look forward to our centennial celebration in 2019.

Phase One was completed just before the High Holy Days. Our trustees and other members have made contributions in anticipation of the launching of the formal campaign, for which we are grateful. However, we still need your financial support to complete the renovation in Phase Two and Phase Three and to provide for our reserves. Our target is the collection of sufficient funds to complete the entire improvement within three years. We are calling upon you to contribute generously to help meet the expenses the synagogue has undertaken for this essential renovation.


  • Completely new roof for the first time in over 40 years, highest quality materials for longer life.
  • New gutters and leaders; exterior walls repaired and waterproofed.
  • 1980s acoustical tile ceiling removed, adding another 20' of height and more than doubling the space over the balcony.
  • Arts and Crafts ceiling trusses exposed and restored.
  • Old pews removed, replaced by durable custom-made pews in honey-stained cherry, with seats upholstered in a durable mocha fabric.
  • Ceiling painted in deep blue, walls in stone-beige, trusses in mocha. Ceiling and walls completely insulated.
  • Light boxes with stained glass removed; stained glass to be relocated in sanctuary.
  • Intrusive radiators and outdated paneling removed; walls completely reconstructed.
  • Wooden decorative paneling on bima end of sanctuary removed; ark to be redesigned as focus of sanctuary.
  • Bima reconfigured; new brass railing; attractive bima furniture to be installed.
  • Heating, ventilation and air condition system reconditioned; ductwork relocated and recalibrated to provide more even heating and cooling throughout.
  • Two small side doors to sanctuary replaced by tall central double door. Bookcases installed on either side.
  • Floors sanded and stained; all carpeting removed, replaced by small-check navy and taupe carpeting in the aisles and bima area.
  • Old lighting fixtures under balcony replaced by cool, efficient L.E.D units for more even and pleasing lighting.
  • Outdated lighting fixtures replaced by elegant custom brass chandeliers, in keeping with the new design; sconces on the walls.
  • Sound system replaced and upgrades to ensure everything is clear and audible.
  • Two main staircases up to sanctuary level leveled and rebuilt, vestibule area completely rebuilt.
  • New chair lift to sanctuary level.


  • Windows to be replaced.
  • Ark opening to be enlarged; new Ark interior, doors and curtain created.
  • Decorative wall behind Bima redesigned and built.


  • Complete refurbishment of ground flloor Beit Midrash/Social Hall

Naming &  Sponsorship  Opportunities

Main Sanctuary Naming $360,000
Back Wall Design $75,000
Chandeliers* $100,000
Sconces & LED Lighting $35,000
Carpeting $50,000
Ark Parochet (Ark Covering) $25,000
Ark Parochet (Ark Covering) High Holy Days $25,000
Bima Platform Renovation $25,000
Bima Chairs (4)* $10,000 each
Bima Lecterns (2) $10,000 each
Bima Torah Stand $10,000
Torah Table* $25,000
Floral Stands (2)* $5,000 each
Pew Seats $1,000 each
Main Entrance Door $15,000
Book Cases (2)* (1) $5,000 each
Sound System $10,000
Chair Lift $25,000
Staircases $35,000
*Item already sponsored  

Click here to donate to the Capital Campaign

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