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Join us for a special Lecture Concert, " The Sound of Goosesteps" June 27th, 2019 - 8:00pm

Join us for a special Lecture Concert, " The Sound of Goosesteps" June 27th, 2019 - 8:00pm

Three different musicals present changing American attitudes Towards Nazism, Disputes surrounding its visual representation, Songwriters accused of anti-Semitism, and a “rise below Vulgarity” are a few of the topics discussed in an evening Enhanced by hand-picked videos and live singing.

This lecture-concert examines three beloved American musicals, all written by Jews, and each of them a mirror of the American attitude towards the horrors of World War II during the time of the work's inception. Among the topics discussed will be disputes surrounding the visual representation of the Nazi threat on stage, major controversy that arose as a result of some of the songwriters' choices, and does humor have a place as a coping mechanism with those dark times. The evening will be enhanced by hand-picked videos of stage and screen productions, as well as live performances of songs from the three shows.

Eyal Sherf, A Singer, actor, cantor, and musical theater lecturer And writer, Eyal holds an M.A. in Musical Theatre from New York University. He performed in numerous productions in New York City, and is currently appearing in Gebirtig at Israel’s Yiddishpiel Theater. Eyal could be seen in the Israeli television series The House of Dogs, and Miller Junction. He also served as the cantor for Temple Beth-El In Cedarhurst, New York

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