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Cantor Kidron's Recordings

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Lu Yehi (Lyrics) - composed by prominent Israeli composer Naomi Shemer, this soulful melody bears a message of a personal prayer and positive hopes for our future

Piha Patcha (Lyrics) - Composed by Mendy Wald and recorded with the Sheba Ensemble, Piha Patcha is a traditional song performed for the woman of the house on Erev Shabbat, honoring women's wisdom, strength and beauty.

Rofe Elyon (Lyrics) - Composed by Oran Eldor, set to a text taken from the Amidah, this song gives voice to our longings for physical and spiritual healing.

Lu Yehi (Naomi Shemer) 

Od yesh mifras lavan ba'ofek
mul anan shachor kaved
Kol shenevakesh - Lu Yehi.

Ve'im bacholonot ha'erev
Or nerot hachag ro'ed -
Kol shenevakesh - Lu Yehi.

Lu Yehi, Lu Yehi, Ana, Lu Yehi
Kol shenevakesh - Lu Yehi.

Ma kol anot ani shomei'a
Kol shofar vekol tupim
Kol shenevakesh lu yehi 

Lu tishama betoch kol eileh
Gam tefila achat mipi
Kol shenevakesh lu yehi

Lu yehi... 

Betoch sh'chuna ktana mutzelet
Bait kat im gag adom
Kol shenevakesh lu yehi 

Zeh sof hakayitz, sof haderech
Ten lahem lashuv halom
Kol shenevakesh lu yehi 

Lu yehi...

There is still a white sail on the horizon
Opposite a heavy black cloud
All that we ask for - may it be

And if in the evening windows
The light of the holiday candles flickers
All that we seek - may it be

May it be, may it be - Please - may it be
All that we seek - may it be. 

What is the sound that I hear
The cry of the shofar and the sound of drums
All that we ask for - may it be 

If only there can be heard within all this
One prayer from my lips also
All that we seek - may it be

May it be... 


Piha Patcha

Piha patcha bechachma,
Vetorat chesed al leshona
Tzofiya halichot bayta,
Velechem atzlut lo tocheil
Kamu vaneha vay’ashruha,
Bala vayehal’la

She opens her mouth with wisdom
and a lesson of kindness is on her tongue.
She looks after the conduct of her household
and never tastes the bread of laziness.
Her children rise up and make her happy;
her husband praises her.


Refa'eynu Adonai

Refa’eynu Adonai,
Refaeiynu Adonai Venerafe
Hoshi’eynu venivashe’ah,
Kitehilatenu ata

Give us power, give us power
Make us stronger every day and new again
Heal our body, heal our spirit
Give us power and we’ll say: Amen

Remind us light will always grow from darkness
Show us courage from within to sing to you
Heal our Body, heal our spirit
Give us power and we’ll say – Rofe Elyon, Amen

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